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Aluminum FloorTags™

A durable solution for warehouse floors. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and ordinary warehouse use. More Info ›

Steel FloorTags™

Express’ most durable warehouse identification product. Designed to withstand forklifts, pallets, and heavy loads in industrial warehouses. More Info ›

Multi-Level Rack Labels

Barcoded rack labels for warehouse stock locations. Easily identify rows, bays, and aisles with these color coded labels for accurate visual reference and eliminate confusion. More Info ›

Long-Range Barcode Labels

Solve challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations. Scan barcodes from distances up to 50 feet! More Info ›

Long-Range Barcode Placards

Hanging long-range warehouse placards scan from distances up to 50 feet. Solves challenges of difficult-to-label stock locations and are highly visible from many angles. More Info ›

Aluminum Pallet Labels

Anodized Aluminum Pallet Labels More Info ›

Polyester Pallet Labels

Rugged Polyester Pallet Labels are a tough, economical pallet identification solution for moderately demanding environments. More Info ›

Barcode FloorTag™ Frames

Rugged aluminum frames protect labels from the heaviest floor traffic in both industrial and warehouse environments. Allows easy scanning from the forklift seated position. More Info ›

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